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Writing & Communications

Michael Giere
Author, Writer, Commentator
Do you have a story to tell?
Do you or your company need the right words?

But, being a writer sounds as dry as the Sahara Desert, doesn't it?

My passion is to reach, inform and motivate people, regardless of where they are or what they do, with a written or spoken word that speaks to their needs.

My objective is to add a single new idea, sharpen a skill if only by one stroke on the whetstone, motivate an incremental life change, or touch a soul, however softly. We all need that.

At heart, more than a writer, I'm a storyteller. I can pull the disparate pieces together and create a coherent story.

One Mountain at a Time 3D Book Stack.png
Justice on the Mountain 3D Book Stack.png

My novels are available at major booksellers - click on image for link.


Creative Writing

  • Creative writing, fiction and non-fiction, for personal or professional requirements

  •  Writing for special events or publications

Business Writing

  • Management projects and proposals, pitch decks

  • Management reviews

  • Content for marketing and branding.



  • Planning and outlining

  • Writing original content (or revising your completed content)  based on interviews and required research

  • Feedback, guidance, and editing

  • Final delivery

  (Consulting for publishing or literary agent search services)

Voice Narration

  • American, male tenor

  • Analyze Scripts

  • Audio Book Narration

  • Video Narration

  • Commercials, advertising

Speechwritingand Consulting

"Skilled and compelling speaking is a critical footing in the climb to success regardless of your occupation."

  • Speechwriting for business, professional or personal events

  • Consulting on speech requirements, individual or group training

  • Excellent platform skills for training, business oriented, or motivational presentations. Consulting for private or group speaking lessons or workshops.


Support Consulting

  • Support consultation for crisis management, public presentations, or governmental relations.

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