Writing & Consulting

Do you have a story to tell?
Do you or your company need the right words?

But, being a writer sounds as dry as the Sahara Desert, doesn't it?

My passion is to reach, inform and motivate people, regardless of where they are or what they do, with a written or spoken word that speaks to their needs.

My objective is to add a single new idea, sharpen a skill if only by one stroke on the whetstone, motivate an incremental life change, or touch a soul, however softly. We all need that.

At heart, more than a writer, I'm a storyteller. I can pull the disparate pieces together and create a coherent story.


Creative Writing

Creative writing, fiction and non-fiction, for personal or professional requirements. Writing for special events or publications.


Four easy pricing steps to completing your project - you always know the final price!

  • Interviews exploring the writing project or story

  • Planning and outlining

  • Writing original content (or revising your completed content)  based on interviews and required research

  • Feedback and guidance

  • Careful editing

  • Consulting for publishing or literary agent search services

  • On-call availability for every writing project


and Consulting

World-famous entrepreneur and businessman Richard Branson states unequivocally, “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.”

Skilled and compelling speaking is a critical footing in the climb to success regardless of your occupation.

  • Speechwriting for business, professional or personal events

  • Consulting on speech requirements, individual or group training

Business & Content  Writing

Business writing for specific management projects and proposals,  management reviews;  content for marking, branding and more.


Excellent platform skills for training or business oriented, motivational presentations. Consulting for private or group speaking lessons or workshops.

Support Consulting

Support consultation for crisis management, public presentations, or governmental relations.

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